The stone known as Anandalite (Aurora Quartz or Himalayan Rainbow Quarts) is described by Crystal Master Robert Simmons as one of the most amazing and powerful stones to emerge in the past decade. The word Ananda means Divine bliss, and this stone certainly lives up to its name! It is a variety of Quartz found in central India, occurs as clusters of small points arising from a grayish chalcedony base and displays iridescent reflections like rainbows from just under the surfaces of its crystal points. They are not the same as the “fracture rainbows” we are used to seeing in Quartz and other crystals. These colors flash in ways similar to those we see in Angel Aura coated crystals, but be assured that the colors of Rainbow Anandalite quartz are completely natural.

The vibrational frequency of this stone helps to activate your “light” body and stimulate your energy fields. It opens the third and crown chakras to help you tune in to your true nature, as well as allows you to feel connected to the group collective consciousness of the Universe. Anandalite energy acts on the heart chakra to produce emotional release that brings about feelings of divine joy and bliss. It helps fulfill one’s true potential and is a stone to develop spiritual awakening. Hence we have given it the name – 12th Step Stone:  “Having had a spiritual awakening……..”