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Kelly Eckert is a shamanic healer, spiritual counselor, and Certified MentorCoach. She channels information from spirit animal guides and upper world guides, as well as reading energy from the physical body and the etheric body. Kelly’s specialty is helping people reconnect to their own personal power through their power animals.


What to Expect from a Reading with Kelly

You begin by letting Kelly know what specific question, issue, or area of your life you’d like to address. Kelly then calls in your guides and connects with them through a shamanic trance state. She will relay insight and information to you from your spirit animal guides and any upper world guides that come forward. You will discover who your current spirit animal guide is and what messages they have for you. You and Kelly can use her spirit animal oracle card deck to get additional information. Kelly will make suggestions to you about working with your spirit animal guide to master your gifts and overcome challenges.

Kelly became a full-time MentorCoach and then shamanic healer after the suicide of her father drove home the lesson that unfulfilled dreams can be fatal. It is Kelly’s mission—and purpose in life—to change perspectives so that people stop feeling shame and embarrassment about their differences and start loving and honoring what makes them unique. Kelly is the author of the book and animal oracle cards What’s Your Spirit Animal? and the creator of the Coaching with Animal Archetypes system.

Call 412-681-8755 or EMAIL US to schedule a session with Kelly.  30 minute – $50    60 Minutes – $90