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Some say God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.  But it certainly doesn’t feel that way when you are in the middle of what feels like more than you can handle.  But you don’t give up. You look back and realize you made it through.  Not only that, you emerged a different person, a stronger person  That is transformation.

Imagine a tadpole looking for food and the pond has gone dry.  If it remains a tadpole it will die.  Or it can become the frog it is meant to be, hop out of the dry pond and find necessary food. The tadpole to frog transformation in almost unbelievable – it is used to swimming and breathing though gills.  Then all of a sudden it has legs and can’t breath underwater.  That is what spiritual transformation can feel like.  The same is true for the transformation of a caterpillar to moth or the larva to a butterfly.

Right now you have the power to become the Butterfly, the Moth or the Frog.  You are being call to transform, to leave behind what you no longer need and become your true and powerful self.

Will you answer that call?  This kind of radical call to transformation can feel like to much to handle alone.  You can join Denise and Kelly over the course of this weekend to do just that – TRANSFORM. Depending on the days you attend you will be guided to

  • Connect with your true Self through your Power Animals
  • Discover your personal power through the Gift Marking in your hand
  • Get off the spiritual merry-go-round by connecting with your deeper psychic/intuitive abilities
  • Get clarity on your life path by meeting your spirit guides.

Each day you will explore a different level of spiritual gifts and be taught how to use those gifts in a way that speaks to the soul.  With the guidance of Denise and Kelly you will have the opportunity to find the deepest parts of you and look at Truth, Intimacy and Power – three means to personal transformation.

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One of the biggest fears people have about opening to their gifts is that now they are going to have to speak the truth about what they see and how they feel. Others are afraid of being different, standing out, “what will people think?”, being powerful or being “wrong.”  What good is a gift if we are afraid to use it? We have been taught not to say things that will rock the boat or upset other people.  During this evening workshop you will discover the thing you are most afraid to say and be given tools to say it. Denise will be inking everyone’s hands who is coming to the advanced workshop on Sunday.

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Intimacy +  Truth

“What would I do if I wasn’t afraid of losing love?” For some of us we’d be speaking our truth and using our gifts more fully. Today we will meet a channeling and/or psychic guide and a current Spirit Animal guide.  We will visit the Upper and Lower Realms. In order to be intimate and speak our truth, we have to be as comfortable in our Body (the Earth) as we are with our Imagination (the Sky). You will leave today having met one guide from each realm and with some totems that you create to remind you of who you are and your connection with your body and your guides. $97

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Power + Intimacy + Truth

Clients of Denise and Kelly know that we hold you to being powerful. Being powerful includes being able to tell the truth to yourself and to the people around you, to show up exactly as you are whether you are crying, angry, enthusiastic or scared. Being powerful means knowing that sometimes someone else can see who you are before you can see it for yourself–being vulnerable enough to say “I need help.” Today we will work directly with your questions and your gifts. Everyone will receive individual attention from us. Denise will have reviewed your hands and will identify your greatest gift and your greatest obstacle. $197

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Here is what Denise & Kelly promise participants in this Special event created just for Pittsburgh.

  • You will leave having met one of your psychic or channeling guides and one Spirit Animal guide. These guides will help you navigate the Upper and Lower Realms. In really simple language, they will help you with bringing your vision to life. We will spend time going both out of and deeper into our bodies.
  • You will discover both your biggest gift and your biggest obstacle. Please be aware that these obstacles are inside you. We are here to help you empower yourself.
  • You will feel your power and have taken concrete steps to use it by accepting and expressing your gifts in a room full of people.
  • You will be on the way to loving yourself more completely because once we are around people who accept all of us, the door opens for more self-love.

Denise’s goal for the weekend is that she wants you to know that you are going to feel a giant sense of relief. You’re not crazy. You weren’t imagining it. You are psychic; you can see what people are trying to hide; you know what’s going to happen. You’re a truth teller, provocateur, rebel, director, lover of stirring things up, and you have the gifts to back it up. You’re not just doing this to cause trouble; you see the trouble that is caused when people keep quiet–swallowing their wisdom, their feelings, and their power.

Kelly intention for the weekend is to tell you that true transformation does not require a change of form or function; it requires a change of perspective. When you start to see the hidden parts of yourself–the parts you once thought were shameful or weak–as the gifts they really are, that’s when transformation happens. That’s when you become whole and powerful, as you were meant to be.

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