Allyson Walsh

International Psychic Medium


January 18 – January 19


Friday Evening  Darkroom Seance


Saturday Evening Darkroom Seance



Private Individual Appointments

Darkroom Seance

Experience seeing spirits showing up as ectoplasm and lights, and witnessing voices through trumpets and thin air. Loved ones, friends to family, and spirit guides present themselves through the mediumship of Allyson Walsh with a message to each person present in the darkroom. Be prepared to sit in the dark with red light, relax and have fun! Seating limited to 12 people. Allyson will do her best to bring forth a message from Spirit for all who attend but cannot guarantee this will happen.

Allyson Walsh is an ordained minister with over 35 years of psychic mediumship experience. She is one of identical twins who work in audiences and groups, demonstrating their gift. She and her sister authored a memoir of their ability titled Between Two Worlds, and Allyson authored the classic teaching tarot book The Sacred Tarot Unveiled.

Tickets for Darkroom Seance

Individual Appointments

Allyson will be available Saturday for private appointments.  This is your opportunity to receive messages from those who have passed to the other side.  Allyson has clients all over the world.  Do not miss this opportunity to sit with a talented psychic medium. Call Journeys of Life (412-681-8755) to make your appointment or email us.

30 mins – $80.  60 mins – $150.

All About Allyson

Allyson works professionally as psychic medium, educator, and motivational speaker. Allyson has been featured on CBS 48 Hours. They have been featured on local radio shows and on WBAL-TV, presenting her work. The Washington Post article in the Sunday Source (July 18, 2004) brought attention to her work, calling her the “experts” in the field.

Born with unusual clairvoyant abilities, Allyson works in the public educating hundreds of interested people about the paranormal. In all cases where her abilities have been demonstrated through the media, physical phenomena and has been present through video/sound recording.

It is Allyson’s wish that through her psychic/mediumistic gifts that others gain understanding and comfort through contact with loved ones. We are honored to have Allyson return to Journeys of Life.