Programming at Journeys of Life

An important Mission at Journeys of Life is to provide education and informational presentations for people on their journey.  By providing these events Journeys offers you a way to  explore new and meaningful ways to live your life to the fullest.  You will find programs as diverse as the people who are part of our community or will be.  There are three forms of programs offered.

The Monthly Calendar give dates of everything that is happening at Journeys..

Workshops are an opportunity to spend time exploring topics more thoroughly, perhaps for an evening, an afternoon or all day. (3 – 8 hr)

Classes are either a single presentation or a series of lessons on a particular topic usually in the evening . (2hr)

Friday Night Forums are weekly presentations by experts in the community on a wide range of topics that take place in January through April.  These Forums are a way to create a community of seekers who come together to learn, laugh and have fun in a relaxed environment.  (1. 5 hrs)

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