Kelly Eckert

Shamanic Healer, Teacher, Author



Saturday, October 15, 2016

9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.


Join shamanic healer/teacher and author Kelly Eckert to discover your Path of Power. In this workshop, you’ll identify your Path of Power and what makes yours unique to you. You’ll learn tools to help you get on and stay on your true path.

Kelly will take you on a shamanic journey to meet a power animal to help guide you on your path. She will conclude the workshop with a shamanic healing for the group to help remove any blocks or resistance to accepting your power and walking your path.

This workshop is based on Kelly’s book What’s Your Spirit Animal? and on new material she is developing.



Our souls chose one of four main Paths of Power to follow for this lifetime: Messenger, Warrior, Creator, or Scholar. Each path has it own gifts, challenges, fears, perspective, and goals. The problem is, we’re usually not aware of our path. And, when we are, we tend to question it or try to make our own combination path.

Mostly, we wander off the path. While detours here and there are fine, the longer we stay off our of path and the farther we stray from it, the most lost we feel. We lose our sense of self, our sense of purpose and direction. We question who we are, how we got here, and where we’re going.

Unless we find and walk our one true path, we won’t be truly happy, fully comfortable in our own skin, or deeply at peace. 

While there are four main paths, each one of us walks a different and unique path. Our Path of Power is chosen ahead of time (Messenger, Warrior, Creator, or Scholar), but the actual path we walk is not predestined. We create it as we walk it.




  • Which Path of Power you are on
  • Tools to accept your power
  • How to get back on your path when you start to stray from it
  • Tips for walking your path every day—in your personal and professional life, not just your spiritual life
  • What at least one of your power animals is
  • The gifts and challenges of your power animal
  • How to work with your power animal
  • A visualization you can use on your own to tune into your power whenever you need 

This Workshop will take place int he Conference Room at the Factory, 7501 Penn Ave, Point Breeze, 15206 in the same building as the Food Coop.

Tickets available for this workshop by calling Journeys of Life at 412-681-8755 or by purchasing online.  The cost of the workshop includes coffee and bagels.  kelly’s book and card deck are available at Journeys of Life and can be purchased at the workshop.


Workshop Tickets Here