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About this event:

Created by Jean


Chris_White_Standing_1_HiRes_largeOut of town author, artist, designer and angelic intuitive, Chris Alexander offers archangel readings that provide deeper insight on how each person can pursue their dreams and passions on Saturday and Sunday.  Angel Readings with Chris Alexandria are like no other. During each session, Chris channels your angels and consults the Archangel Oracle Card Deck she created to work with you on identifying opportunities for growth and empowerment in your life. You will leave each reading with greater insight into your life path and “homework” to help you live your life with greater intention and purpose.

Chris is visiting Journeys for a Friday Night Forum, private sessions and a presentation at SiteNite.  She is the co-creator of Angel Chatter, seeing clients throughout the world.  She also creates a wide array of angelically inspired and infused products of the heart and home.  She has created Angel Chatter Oracle Cards, jewelry, candles sprays and has authored two books.  Many of Chris’ creations are available at Journeys of Life.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet Chris and have a private session with her.  30 minute readings $65; 60 minute reading $110.  Call 412-681-8755 to make an appointment.