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Created by Jean

810 Bellefonte Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15232, USA

FFu-Ding-Cheng-Don-Miguel-Ruiz-2u-Ding Cheng is in Pittsburgh for the first time this weekend.  Please come from 6:00 – 7:00 to meet this extraordinary man.  (Free)  The Map of Desire Workshop follows.

  • Why don’t we get what we want?
  • Most importantly…What do we really want?

Answers to these questions begin with “Clarity of Intent” – a direct path in fulfilling one’s desires… In Shamanic tradition – intent is a powerful term describing not only our personal desires, but also the will of the Universe. By attuning to intent, we open ourselves to Universal forces that can propel and guide us all the way to personal freedom.

In this evening’s presentation, we will discuss intent, its benefits and related practices that will allow you to enjoy the process even as you take decisive action to fulfill your desires…  For more in depth information, including step by step practices, you will receive a complimentary copy of “Map Of Desire,” a blueprint for Self Fulfillment.

More information about the workshop and Fu-Ding can be found HERE.

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