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About this event:

Created by Jean

USD 95.00

HeatherAsh Amara returns to Pittsburgh to lead a sacred fire walk.  This event will help you discover where you unconsciously leak energy and show you how to use ancient shamanic wisdom to uncover your vibrancy and healing power. By learning how to focus your attention on directly perceiving the energies of the universe, you release the limitations of your old programming and immerse yourselves in the infinite mystery that is your birthright.

Join HeatherAsh in exploring how to create a grounded foundation from which to expand your energetic perception and experience of life. Whether you are new or experienced with shamanism or energy practices, you will leave with practical tools and experiential knowledge of yourself as energy – allowing you to open to more presence, joy, and peace in your life.

Presented by Journeys of Life and The Hero’s Journey.  Purchase TICKETS HERE.