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About this event:

Created by Jean

auraSpecial Deals Today –  $25 for an Aura Photo –  No appointment necessary

We had some technical difficulties at the Halloween Spirit fair last month so Marci offered mohave appointments today at the Spirit Fair pricing of $25.  Appointments take approximately 20 minutes and walk-ins are welcome.  If you have ever wondered about Aura Photography but never had time to try it – come out today and get your photo!

Aura energy readings help you to see how your auras are layered, see the different shapes your aura takes and teach you what aura colors mean.  You will discover how an aura reading and photo can help you identify and release blocks, get in touch with your own energy and begin to make the highest choices for yourself.  Dr. Marcy Pearsall, psychotherapist and energy intuitive, will explain the state of your energy through her intuitive reading and interpretation of your aura photo.

Two levels of appointments are available.  A 30 minute session ($50) includes an aura photo along with a discussion about your photo as to how it relates to your energy fields.  A 60 minute session ($90) includes the photo and a printed detailed explanation of your energy reading, aura colors and the effects these have on your life at that moment.

Call 412-681-8755 to make an appointment with Dr. Pearsall or send us a EMAIL requesting a slot in her schedule.