Events > 2016 > January > Friday Night Forum - Clear Yourself and Your Space

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Created by Jean

USD 5.00

LuannLuuAnn Cibek, MEIA, CSC

Any time you wish to clear a pattern of old behavior is a great time to clear and reset the energy of you and your space.  Space Clearing is the practice of clearing residual emotional energy or the energy or entities from a space.  Energy clearing techniques including sounds, scent, water, and intention and prayer to shift the old energy pattern out, and to reset the new pattern of energy to be that with you new wish.  What better way to begin a new year?  The group will have their energy cleared using several different clearing methods. The information gained this evening can be taken home to use to clear your personal space.

LuAnn’s long and varied career paths have made her an expert in so many areas. Best known for her expertise in Feng Shui and Interior Alignment, she also is versed in astrology, aromatherapy and is an avid and talented jewelry maker.

Call 412-681-8755 to secure a seat to learn how to make a significant change in your energy for 2016.  $5.00