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image1Laura LaRosa, Spiritual Practitioner

Most of us have times when we need some extra support to deal with the stress and demands of daily living. Crystals and stones help us to join with the energies of love, health, abundance, and security.  Carrying crystals for everyday use is an essential part of a spiritual practice, not only for on the spot help. Every student of the Craft, most everyone who has a meditation practice, and people in recovery, among many others, have experienced the benefits of befriending these energies of the Earth.

For those who don’t like the idea of numerous stones to cart around, there is another way to connect with these beautiful carriers of spiritual support. Jewelry crafted from crystals and stones are easy to find, and will also enhance our vibration just as efficiently as loose stones.  Come tonight an receive the list of 10 stones you should never be without!

Laura has been a spiritual practitioner for more than 40 years. She has used her knowledge to help those in recovery, people with HIV/AIDS, at risk youth, and other populations in crisis, as well people who are under less dire stress, but need the support and guidance that she offers so that they can create happier and more abundant lives. we welcome her to Journeys as a member of our Intuitive Counselor Staff.

Call 412-681-8755 to reserve a seat at this interactive, informative Friday Night Forum.  $5.00 per person.