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About this event:

Created by Jean

USD 5.00

DeniseDeeRebelSeerDenise Dee, the Rebel Seer

One of the fastest ways to see where a person is not using their gifts is to look at their hands.   All 7 chakras show up in the hands and you will take a look at any questions that are up for you right now through the lens of your hands.  If you do not have questions – her guides and your hands will show me what you most need to see/hear right now.

We are excited to welcome Denise to Journeys for private appointments and this Forum.  Denise is a radical truth teller whose favorite question is “Why Not?”  She is based in Los Angeles and has read for over a thousand people both in person and via phone.

Call 412-681-8755 to reserve a seat at this interactive, informative Friday Night Forum.  $5.00 per person.