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About this event:

Created by Jean


DeniseDeeRebelSeerDenise knows that your hands carry the power to take back your life. She is a cutting edge Innovator who helps the 10% of leading edge visionaries pull the other 90% forward. Denise is based in Los Angeles and has read for over a thousand people both in person and via phone.By looking at your Gift Markiings and how not using these talents to the fullest makes you feel stuck she can give you insight into the next action step.

  • Hands are particularly great at showing:
  • how you love- your intimacy style affects your relationships
  • challenges that you face in self-love, giving and receiving love
  • how to clear up lenses of abandonment, betrayal and distrust,
  • where and how money is easiest and most challenging for you
  • stuck in a cycle of not getting the results that you desire
  • how to best use your energy- no sense working against your type

Hands show all 7 chakras and are one of the fastest ways to see where a person is not using their gifts.  Denise will look with you at where you are blocked/what is in your way and how to face any obstacles head-on.  If you have questions that are up for you at the reading.  If you do not have questions – Denise’s guides and your hands will show her what you most need to see/hear right now.

Appointment times are limited.  Call 412-681-8755 about your appointment.  30min – $ 65;   60min – $120