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Created by Jean

USD 5.00

Stephanie 300Discover the depth of the Akashic Records where answers and insights can be found that are tailored to your needs. Stephanie Charles will discuss how accessing the Akashic Records can bring clarity and a deeper understanding to any situation in your life always incorporating real suggestions and tools to create changes.  You will discover how your past influences your current way of thinking and through your actions of today how you are creating your future. Do you like the path you are on? Are there times where you do not understand at all why your life is the way it is? Within the Akashic Records you can find your own personal song that is part of the symphony of this unfolding and ever changing universe.

Stephanie Charles is an intuitive and has been an Akashic Records consultant for 10 years. She works locally and internationally giving individual readings and teaching others to access their Akashic Records.

Call 412-681-8755 to reserve your space for the forum. $5.00 to attend.