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Kelly Crop 2Kelly Eckert, M.S., Shamanic Healer –

Spirit animals aren’t just for spiritual growth. They are for everyday issues we face. You can consult your spirit animals for guidance on career path, relationship issues, where to live, how to face challenges.

In this Friday Night Forum, Kelly will teach you simple ways you can work with your spirit animals to get clarity and insight at any time. You’ll learn three ways to use animal oracle cards. And you’ll learn how your spirit animal can help you resolve conflict and make better decisions.

Kelly’s interest in spirit animals began when she was a young girl talking with and learning from. She brought spirit animals into her coaching practice when she discovered how profoundly animal totems could help clients achieve their goals, both personal and professional. She is the author of the book and animal oracle cards What’s Your Spirit Animal? and the creator of the Coaching with Animal Archetypes system.