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Fortune CropA Lenormand reading has a different feel than tarot. While no less spiritual, it’s possible to ask questions of it that we usually don’t of tarot – such as matters of yes and no. Lenormand symbols are ones we find in daily life – not necessarily the grand archetypes of tarot – and this facilitates a sense of connection with ordinary life in an immediate way.

Fortune reads in an action-oriented, coaching style, focusing less on prediction, and more on helping clients connect to themselves to create their own outcomes. She cares deeply about her clients and believes that the straight-forward speech of the Lenormand offers transformative value to all.  Let Fortune introduce you to Lenormand.  You will be hooked for sure. Learn more about Fortune HERE.

Call 412-681-8755 to make an appointment or EMAIL us.  $50 per half hour, $90 for an hour.