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About this event:

Created by Jean

USD 5.00

The word “bead” comes from the old English word “bede” which means to pray. Rosary beads have been used for centuries in the Catholic church for devotion; the Greeks used a string of worry beads to relieve stress and anxiety; Africans used beads as currency. Tonight you are going to make a Mindfulness Strand – beads to hold and remind you to live in the moment. You will choose the beads, create the strand, and bring forth the intention for their use.

Jean began beading under the direction of artist and author Eleanor Wiley many years ago and has since amassed a collection of beads and other artifacts that reside on her third floor. She has taught workshops around Pittsburgh and is excited to finally bring her passion of beads to Journeys of Life.

While most of our forums have space for last minute additional attendees, this one requires a reservation to ensure enough supplies will be available for everyone. Extra beads and materials will be available for purchase although the basic strand supplies are paid for with your $5.00 to attend. Please reserve a space by calling 412-681-8755.