Events > 2017 > June > Energy: What It Is & How To Work With It

About this event:

Created by Jean

USD 25.00

Have you heard people discuss energy before and wondered what on earth they are talking about? We hear all the time here at the store what good energy the space has! This is wonderful to hear and we are excited to host Psychic Medium Sara Sachs as she goes more in depth about what energy really is, what it feels like, and how to work with it.

In this 2 hour workshop, you will have the chance to participate in exercises to understand what energy feels like and how it changes with location and people. You will also become familiar with how to develop your awareness so that you can read energy better in certain situations. Finally, energy is also a crucial part of healing and psychic work. By learning more about how energy works people can awaken healing and intuitive abilities they may not have even realized they had.

Learn more about Sara HERE. Investment for the 2 hour class is $25.00 due upon registration. Please call Journeys at 412-681-8755 to reserve your spot as seating is limited.