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About this event:

Created by Jean


In a spirit animal reading, Kelly can connect shamanically with the spirit animal who is most active with you now. This will give you insight into your true gifts and even the challenges, obstacles, and blind spots you keep encountering.

Spirit animals represent the gifts, powers, and messages relayed to you in the form of an animal archetype. Spirit animals are a source of power, guidance, and perspective for you. They reflect your innate genius, your true potential. They offer suggestions and advice. They give you a unique, often radical, way of looking at situations and solving problems.

Kelly can also use her animal oracle cards to ask specific questions and get archetypal insight.  Information gained in a spirit animal reading will give you a road map to making better decisions that are aligned with your higher self and your highest good.  Receive intuitive guidance from Kelly to help you make the “right” decision at the “right” time for you.    Learn more about Kelly HERE.

Call 412-681-8755 or EMAIL us to make an appointment with Kelly.  30 minute – $50, 60 minutes – $90.