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About this event:

Created by Jean

Journeys welcomes back special guest, Allyson Walsh! Allyson is a talented professional Psychic Medium from the Baltimore area who is considered an expert in her field. She was born with her clairvoyant abilities and has been honing them in private and public readings for years. In a reading with Allyson you may connect with your loved ones and friends who have crossed over. Spirit Guides also commonly show up to help her give you the information you need in your life at this time. You can learn more about Allyson on her website at

Allyson does allow you to tape your reading but cannot be responsible for electromagnetic interference that occasionally happens during recording of sessions. To prepare for your reading, Allyson recommends writing 5 questions and names on a piece of paper at least 2 days prior to the reading. You do not need to share this list with Allyson but it helps set a tone for the reading and can also let the spirit world know so your loved ones can be present.

Private Readings are $80.00 for 30 minutes and $150.00 for 60 minutes. Call us to schedule today at 412-681-8755 as Allyson has very limited appointment availability.