Events > 2018 > March > SPRING FLING SPIRIT FEST

About this event:

Created by Jean

A day of tarot, palmistry, intuitives. mediumship, I Ching, Aura photography and more including vendors, the Vegan Goddess and chair massage. Pre-book appointments beginning March 11th.  Confirmed participants include but are not limited to:


Intuitive Counselors


  • Angel Lozada – Tarot
  • Christine Frechard – Tarot & Pendulum
  • Courtney Padrutt – I Ching
  • Derrick Quinn – Psychic Intuitive
  • Diana Paar – Tarot
  • Judi Vitale – Astrology
  • Linda Varos – Clairvoyant Medium, Fairy Artist
  • Patricia Mauro – Palmistry
  • Paul Meidinger – Psychic Intuitive
  • Ronda Ferguson – Tarot
  • Santina Grace – Psychic Intuitive
  • Stephanie Charles – Akashic Records



Special Event  – Spiritual Message Circle

Communicating with Your Spirit Guides & Loved Ones 



In this session, Santina Grace will be working with her spiritual team to assist you to communicate with yours! A spiritual team can be any number of beings from those you knew in this lifetime who have left their physical body, to others whose soul journeys are crossing with you again from another plane of existence and even the angelic realm.

If you already have a connection with your guides and loved ones, let’s make the bond stronger. If you are eager to learn how to hear them and know that the signs you are receiving are truly meant for you from the divine, this is an experience you won’t want to miss.  Santina will try to give each of the participants their own unique experience in this session and spiritual gifts to take away.

This is a ticketed event – $20 per person.




  • Marci Pearsall – Aura Readings with Photo
  • Cathy Corn – Chair Massage
  • Mary Carroll – Henna
  • Mike Nester – Reflexology




  • Pretzel Crazy
  • Pittsburgh Candle & Soap So Dope
  • Crystal Dragon-Hawk Creations
  • Una Biologicals
  • Elena’s Healing Jewels


Call 412-681-8755 for more information.  Appointments for sessions after 1pm can be made beginning March 11th by calling Journeys.  DOORS OPEN AT 10:30 AM.  FIRST SESSION AT 11 AM.  All sessions are $35 for 25 minutes for the first reading and $30 for each additional reading.