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About this event:

Created by Jean

Join author Larry Burk to celebrate the release of his fascinating new book! Larry has spent years researching the importance of dreams in our lives, especially precognitive dreams that have been able to forewarn people of health issues. His book contains many case studies in which he provides strong evidence that dreams can actually save lives. The book also includes information about the significance of dream journaling as well as how to do it in addition to some popular dream interpretation techniques. Larry will be giving a talk about how he came to write the book and which dreams have been meaningful for him. Then Larry will be happy to open a discussion allowing attendees to ask about prevalent dream symbols and what they can mean.

Author Signing & Reception 5:30-6:00 pm

Author Book Talk 6:00-7:30 pm

This is a FREE event but please know we will have copies of Larry’s brand new book available for purchase for $17.99!  Please RSVP by calling 412-681-8755 for the talk so we can set up space accordingly.