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Created by Jean

USD 150.00

Cards for diana class

Where does the Fool go when the Quest is over? We leap on the path again! This 6-class intensive was created for those who have taken The Fool’s Quest introductory class* with Diana and now want to delve deeper into the symbolism of the cards as well as learn more about using tarot to read for themselves. (*The Fools Quest is NOT a requirement to take this class! You must have a good working knowledge of tarot, however, to get the full benefit of this teaching. Any 78 card tarot deck is acceptable but you should choose ONE & use it through the entire class.)  Learn about divination and spiritual development from one of the best – Diana Paar.

Using games & quizzes we learn about the archetypes of the Major Arcana, the personality types of the Court and subtle details of the pips. The intent of this class is to improve your knowledge of the cards & your comfort in reading for yourself – so each week I will provide you with an increasingly difficult layout opportunity and help you make best use of the divination.

Investment for 6 week, 12 hour class is $150. Class size is limited so please call Journeys of Life at 412.681.8755 to reserve a spot.