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Created by Jean

BlessedYule-1-435x675Join us for the next Rite of Offering to celebrate the Wheel of the Year: Yule. We will discuss traditions and practices of the Winter Solstice, with a special focus on the Mothers Night which occurs at the time of our event. Since it was so popular, we will be repeating our craft from last year’s solstice: to create and bless swags of Yule greens marked with ribbons of intention. Having a touch of seasonal spirit can help to keep us calm & centered during this frenzied time of darkness into light.

Diana, one of our resident Tarot consultant and teacher of the Wheel of the Year,  will present a brief workshop on the symbolism of Yuletide –  Tuesday December 20th –  then lead us in a ritual of serenity to strengthen our spirits and prepare us for the celebration ahead. Please call 412-681-8755 or EMAIL US to save your spot. A suggested donation of $10.00 is requested.