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810 Bellefonte St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15232

Are you ready to wake up every morning excited for your day? Filled with joy? Learn the power of living in alignment with your soul in this three part interactive workshop. In this program Linda will share with you the power of becoming fully and deeply aligned with your soul. A power that can make a profound change in your life. So come with us on the most incredible journey – into your soul.

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Local author Linda Schafer has been working with Angels for years. She is known for working closely with her sister, Anita, to fully channel and transcribe an entire manual by the angels about how to live your best life. Join her in this exciting, interactive 3 part workshop to help enrich yourself with joy by learning to live in alignment with your soul. Linda’s wisdom is directly channeled by the Hierarchy of Angels, which is a group of 23 different angelic beings who are eager to share their teachings with you. You will need a notebook and pens or pencils for the classes. Be prepared for an energetic shift in your life once you have Angels as your Allies.

Investment for 3 Part Class: $50 due upon registration. Transform at your own pace with understandable, single topic chapters and free workbook exercises that you can practice alone or with others. Call 412-681-8755 to save your spot.

You can learn more about Linda and her spiritual journey HERE. While not necessary for the class, Linda’s book, This Way: A Spiritual Guide to Life, is available for purchase through Journeys of Life. Although not a required text, it is an inspirational and life changing book well worth the read.