Fortune Buchholtz

lenormandLenormand is a practical, focused daily oracle originally from Germany. Named after the famous French fortune-teller Mlle. Marie-Anne Lenormand, who lived during the Napoleonic era, it became popular in the middle 19th century. The deck was first brought to the USA by German immigrants at the start of the 20th century. However, it has been eclipsed by the great American tarot revival that began in the 1960s. Now this 36-card deck of direct symbols is gaining renewed interest.

Fortune Crop

Fortune reads in an action-oriented, coaching style, focusing less on prediction, and more on helping clients connect to themselves to create their own outcomes. She believes that the straight-forward speech of the Lenormand offers transformative value to all. Lenormand cards can lay bare what you haven’t been seeing so you can integrate that knowledge & move forward with your own power.

What to Expect in a Lenormand Reading?

Lenormand reading has a different feel than tarot. While no less spiritual, it’s possible to ask questions of it that we usually don’t of tarot – such as matters of yes and no. Lenormand symbols are ones we find in daily life – not necessarily the grand archetypes of tarot – and this facilitates a sense of connection with ordinary life in an immediate way.

Lenormand also differs from tarot in that some cards are definitively more positive, neutral, or trending towards the downside. It doesn’t sugar-coat, but as you might expect from its German origins, speaks in a frank and truthful manner. Finally, the structure of Lenormand decks makes them especially useful for same-sex relationship issues. They are inherently LBGTIA friendly.

Fortune Buchholtz has travelled widely to study Lenormand, Kipper cards, and tarot. She has lived in New York, San Francisco, Switzerland, Italy, France and Denmark. Residing now in Pittsburgh with her husband, she’s thrilled to offer the insight of the Lenormand to the discerning clients at Journeys of Life.

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