Friday Night Forum Schedule 2017

Forum Sched

All Forums begin at 7:00pm.  $5.00 per Forum.

For more information about each Forum use the TITLE LINK.

Friday, January 6 – Forecasts for 2017
What the Stars and Cards hold for us in the New Year


Judi Vitale, Astrologer & Life Coach
Angel Lozada, Tarologist and Spiritual Counselor

Friday, January 13 – Runes and You
How the Runes will help you in 2017


Amoret , Intuitive Counselor

Friday, January 20 – Crystals and You
What Crystals can do for you in the New Year


Laura LaRosa, Intuitive Crystal Consultant

Friday, January 27 – Talking to The Other Side
Mediumship – What It Is and What It Isn’t


Allyson Walsh, Professional Medium

Friday, February 3 – Meditation Basics
Meditation – Getting Started

Abby Ritter, Yoga Instructor

Friday, February 10 – Angelic Communication
Angels – Messengers of the Divine

Tom & Katie Hirt, Psychic Mediums

Friday, February 17 – Exploring Dreams
Dreams – Exploring Your Dreamscape

Stephanie Charles, Intuitive Counselor

Friday, February 24 – Psychic Development
Developing Your Psychic Ability

Victoria Zaitz, Psychic Medium

Friday, March 3 – Baby Steps to Eating Better
Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference in Diet

Mandi Babkes, Board Certified Holistic Health & Nutrition Practitioner

Friday, March 10 – Feng Shui Basics
Use Feng Shui to make a Harmonious Home

Yvonne Phillips, Feng Shui Expert

Friday, March 17 – Altars in Your Home
Alter Your Space for Spiritual Intentions

Diana Paar, Intuitive Consultant

Friday, March 24 – Mindful Beading
Make a Mindfulness Beaded Keychain

Jean Haller, Owner of Journeys of Life and Bead Artist

Friday, March 31 – Access Consciousness Bars
What Is Access Consciousness Bars?

Mary Ann Brown, Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator




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