Journeys of Life presents speakers, practitioners and specialists in many diverse fields in January and February.  Education and networking has always been an important part of the work we do here at Journeys.  Lectures and classes provide a time and place where like-minds can come together to learn, laugh and relax in Journeys supportive environment.   Forums not only expose you to local holistic and metaphysical practitioners, teachers and specialists in many diverse fields they will give you the opportunity to learn, ask questions and build relationships with them.  Friday Night Forums will also be a platform for out-of-town guests to bring their expertise to Pittsburgh.  Friendships are forged and a holistic community is built around the events held at Journeys.

Attend each week or choose only the topics you would like to explore.  The $10.00 investment includes all material, refreshments and fun!  Special Events are $30.00. While it is not necessary to pre-register t is highly recommended as Forums will be cancelled if we do not have the minimum attendance necessry for the presenter.

Chinese New Year with Judi Vitale

7:00 – 8:30 PM February 2

Join Judi Vitale, our resident astrologer at Journeys, to learn what the Year of Dog has in store for you! Chinese New Year starts on February 16th and we’ll be discussing the traits of the Year of the Dog in general as well as how each sign will experience the changes of this New Year. We will also talk about traditions and celebrations, and help you prepare to harvest the practical, warm, and diligent energy of the Year of the Yellow Earth Dog with “toning,” the Asian way of dealing with celestial influences. In addition, we’ll look at what’s going in Western astrology, especially Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus and how these changes might relate to this brand new Lunar Year’s energy.

Purchase ticket HERE or call 412-681-8755 to attend.


Angelic Messages Circle with Tom & Katie Hirt

7:00 – 9:00 PM February 9

Tom and Katie Hirt are known as the “Angel people”, who connect to the spirit realm to give messages of love, peace, insight and comfort to all. Their powerful presentations are a little different each time as Spirit guides them on what to address that day to meet the needs of all attendees. These life and love affirming talks are interactive, enlightening, and enjoyable. A common remark after their presentations is: “Even though we were in a large group I felt like you were talking directly to me”. Spirit works beautifully that way! Find peace, direction, and clarity with the Angels starting now!

Katie and Tom are insightful psychics and mediums who have helped thousands of people around the world to connect with Angels, Elementals, Spirit Guides, and Ascended Masters. They have been featured on internet radio and have traveled the country delivering life changing message of peace and connection.

$20.00 per person, limited seating available. Please call 412-681-8755 to prepay and register or buy tickets HERE.

Intuitive Eating with Joanna Nappo

7:00 – 8:30 PM February 16

Join local Intuitive Eating Coach, Joanna Nappo, for an evening of learning how to make peace with your body. Are you tired of dieting? Done with weighing, measuring, and counting every single thing that goes into your mouth in order to get smaller? Are you losing the weight only to eventually end up weighing more than you did when you first began the diet? If this is your story and you want to see it change come and learn more about the concept of Intuitive Eating and how you can attain your authentic weight and health minus the measuring and without the guilt.

Purchase tickets HERE or call 412-681-8755.


Feng Shui of Fashion with Luann Cibik

7:00 – 8:30 PM February 23

What we wear is our most intimate environment, the closest area to our bodies we have control over how we look. Thus it makes sense to apply the concepts of Feng Shui to all that we wear from our jewelry down to our undies! Join LuAnn Cibik, a Feng Shui Master and one seriously stylish lady to learn more! We will begin by looking at who you are and what your goals are at this time, then how to apply that to choosing the shapes, colors, textures, and accessories that can help manifest your goals as reality. This way you can learn which clothes “work” for you and which you can skip at the store. Wear your favorite outfit and bring a photo of your least favorite item in your closet.

Purchase tickets HERE or call us at 412-681-8755.

Cards & Stars with Angel Lozada & Judi Vitale

7:00 – 8:30 PM January 5

Spend the evening learning what the cards and the stars in store for for 2018.  Master astrologer Judi Vitali and Tarologist Angel Lozada will share their expertise in relaying information about the events and energy of 2018.  Judi will speak to the astrological signs of the people present.  Angel will pull a card for everyone in attendance and talk about the ramifications of what was chosen.

Purchase tickets HERE or call 412-681-8755.

Both Judi and Angel offer spiritual counseling appointments at Journeys throughout the month.  Their schedule can be found on our website calendar.


Darkroom Séance with Allyson Walsh

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM January 12

Experience seeing spirits showing up as ectoplasm and lights, and witnessing voices through trumpets and thin air. Loved ones, friends to family, and spirit guides present themselves through the mediumship of Allyson Walsh with a message to each person present in the darkroom. Be prepared to sit in the dark with red light, relax and have fun! Seating limited to 10 people.

Allyson Walsh is an ordained minister with over 35 years of psychic mediumship experience. She is one of identical twins who work in audiences and groups,demonstrating their gift. She and her sister authored a memoir of their ability titled Between Two Worlds, and Allyson authored the classic teaching tarot book The Sacred Tarot Unveiled.

$30 if you pre-register then $40 at the door.  CALL 412-681-8755 TO REGISTER OR BUY TICKETS HERE.


Bovis Scale with Christine Frechard

7:00 – 8:30 PM January 19

Join local Intuitive, Christine Frechard, as she speaks on her work using pendulums and the Bovis Scale. The Bovis Scale, named for the French Physician who developed it, is a chart used to measure the energy of an object, place, person, or animal. The chart is often used to determine whether something contains positive or negative vibrations and how to use this information to make beneficial decisions for yourself.

Purchase Tickets HERE or call 412-681-8755


I Ching with Courtney Padrutt

7:00 – 8:30 PM January 26

Join the newest member of the Intuitive Team here at Journeys, Courtney Padrutt, as she introduces you to the I Ching. The I Ching, also called the Book of Changes, is an ancient Chinese system of divination. It uses cleromancy which produces random numbers which are then turned into a hexagram and can be interpreted according to the Book. This is the first time Journeys has offered this fascinating subject from one of our readers so come learn more with us.

Purchase Tickets HERE or call 412-681-8755

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