How to Prepare for an Intuitive Counseling Session

Once you have chosen your intuitive reader, based on what seems right for you, take time to prepare for your reading before the actual appointment. Before your meeting with the reader, reflect on any questions you would like to ask. It is fine to take notes and bring them to the session. Any preparation you do before hand will only add to your experience.

Once you go into your reading, try to relax. Do everything you can to be comfortable and present with the reader. Ask any preliminary questions you have about the general procedures they will use. Be honest and accurate with the information that you provide your reader. This assists them in giving you an accurate reading. Sit back and enjoy.

A reading should include both positive thoughts and information you can use to improve yourself. No reader at Journeys will predict your future. They will assist you in seeing patterns in your life that can help you see possibilities and limitation in your life. A reader will really not tell you something that you do not already know somewhere deep inside. No matter what is reported you always have free will to accept or discount the information given.

We hope this information will help you to have a positive, enlightening and enjoyable session with any one of the professional counselors at Journeys of Life