Your Personal Crystal Shoppers


Jean, Lori and Kate are off to Franklin, NC to shop for crystals.  Tent after tent spread across the fairgrounds with more rocks than you can ever imagine – unless you have been to Tucson.  We trudge through the heat and afternoon rainstorms finding the best of the best to bring back to Journeys.  We are only limited by the space in the van.  It is here that we find the crystals, gemstones and sterling gemstone jewelry that we offer with great pride as everything is hand picked by the Journeys staff.

When we return and have processed all the stones we hold our annual Crystal Trunk Show.  We will once again offer The VIP Crystal Club.  This is where you can be part of a community who love stones, want to learn more about them and start or add to their collection.  All of the stones offered in the Club will be chosen specifically for the members.  Read on for the particulars.

Journeys of Life Crystal Club was such an enlightening experience. I’ve been using crystal and learning what I can on my own for 15 years or so. This was the first class I’ve taken, and I’m so glad I did. Learning from Laura and her deep experience gave me a whole new perspective on using crystals. And learning in the group really did feel like a club. It’s the perfect name for the group as we developed a kinship with each other, under the guidance of our fearless Laura.
It was such a treat to attend the club meetings never knowing what crystal we were going to receive. Really I should say, which crystal we were going to *meet*. Jean and Kate had selected wondrous specimens that are both beautiful and useful. They have become some of my favorite pieces.  I would join the Crystal Club again because I never want to stop learning, I loved learning in this group, and you never know what amazing crystals you’re going get!    ~Kelly Eckert

The Crystal Club at Journeys was a fantastic experience!  The crystals that were selected were a great introduction for me to the world of crystals, and I was very pleased with the variety, quality, and uniqueness of each of the stones I received. The meetings were well organized, really fun, and I always felt like I brought home the stone that was meant for me!  Laura Larosa was an invaluable part of the Crystal Club experience… her expertise about crystals and her intuitive guidance helped me to learn about each crystal in depth and really feel connected to it.  My favorite part of the Crystal Club was having the opportunity to be around a group of very FUN, like-minded people! ~Cambria



Journeys of Life announces the second installment of our VIP Crystal Club.  As a member of the VIP CLUB you will receive


  • 6 monthly VIP Crystal Gatherings beginning in June.
  • 6 crystals chosen exclusively for you, ONE each month..
  • 6 monthly discussions on the properties of each stone including how to use it and how to care for it. The discussion will end with a special meditation with your stone led by our crystal specialist, Laura LaRosa.
  • A 10% discount on ALL crystals purchased during 2017.
  • Remember, all crystals received as a member of our VIP Crystal Club will be hand-picked specifically for you.



We are taking reservations for the 2017 VIP Crystal Club.  All memberships must be PAID IN FULL by June 15th.  We will gather on the FIRST THURSDAY of EACH MONTH beginning in JULY and running through DECEMBER. We will begin at 7:00pm and finish by 9:00 pm  You will actually choose your stone each month picking the one that is for you.

Not in Pittsburgh, no problem.  We can ship your monthly crystal along with information about the stone discussed in the gathering direct to your home for $8.00 a month.  Full payment is due by June 15th or you forfeit your deposit.  We will attempt to develop some technology for you to be able to join in electronically for the meditation.


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