Nora is a Psychic Intuitive and a Certified Spiritual Response Therapist. She has been on a spiritual journey since the beginning but it was a life changing experience in 1993 involving a nearly fatal car accident that put her on her path. She realized at that time that her life’s purpose was to assist others on their personal journeys of discovery through the healing and metaphysical arts. Nora has trained in and pulls on several different modalities in her sessions including Reiki, Numerology, Tarot, Crystal Healing, Angel Cards, Chakra Balancing, and of course her specialty, Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT).

What to Expect in a Reading With Nora:

Nora begins your session by connecting to your Highest Self or expanded consciousness. Utilizing her intuitive abilities Nora detects patterns, programs, and discordant energies that may be interfering with your personal life, happiness, career, health or finances. As she researches your Akashic Records for the reasons and causes of the interfering energies she confirms her findings using the SRT charts and a pendulum. The charts help to pinpoint where the issues originated, whether in this lifetime or a past one. This process helps to release the old energy of the harmful patterns which frees the soul from experiencing the same situations over and over again. A reading is an extremely liberating experience which helps clients to fully let go of anything holding them back so they can continue their journey of spiritual growth.

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