Our Intuitive Counselor Code of Ethics

We at Journeys of Life take very seriously the responsibility given to us to provide our customers with meaningful, accurate, compassionate and trustworthy resources, including intuitive professionals and spiritual counselors.  We respect the rights and needs of our customers and expect our counselors to do the same.  ALL of our intuitive and spiritual counselors subscribe to our code of ethics.  Should you ever feel this is not the case you are encouraged to contact Jean and report any digressions from our policy below.

Intuitive and spiritual counselors who see clients at Journeys of Life……

  • Subscribe to Journeys of Life respect for others including differences due to race, gender, sexual preference, ethnicity, religion, national origin and socio-econmonic status.  Everyone at Journeys of Life respect the rights of others to hold values, attitudes and opinions different from their own.
  • Respect confidentiality and rights to privacy of the client.  This applies to identity of and personal information about the clients and their sessions.
  • Do not ask for additional payment beyond the published rates for their services.
  • Do not engage in sexual harassment of any kind including verbal and non-verbal physical or sexual advances.
  • Do not accept clients with whom they have personal problems or conflicts of interest that would interfere with non-biased counseling.
  • Avoid making statements that could cause harm through confusion, misunderstanding or fear, be seen as manipulating or offensive to anyone.  They provide their services for entertainment purposes only and do so in order to provide the highest good for all involved.  They are not trained medical or financial advisors.

Intuitive and spiritual counselors at Journeys are NOT employees.  Rather they are private contractors providing a service to our customers.  They will not solicit ongoing business for their services but may recommending returning to see them at Journeys in the future if they feel that would be of help to the client.  They should not solicit you for business at other locations but you may ask about other places they work if you so desire.

Complaints should be addressed to [email protected]  in writing, explaining the concern or breech of this ethical code.  Jean and everyone who works at Journeys will take the trust our customers place in us very seriously.  We hope you will never need to make such a contact, but if your situation warrants it, please know that your correspondence will be taken seriously with the utmost confidence.

Thank you for allowing all of us to serve you.