Forum Information for Presenters

Be part of Journeys of Life community networking opportunities – Friday Night Forums! We invite you to apply as a presenter at a Journeys of Life 2017 Friday Night Forum.  Read on about our new exciting program. We hope you will want to participate.

Dear Friends of Journeys,

Education and networking has always been an important part of the work we do here at Journeys.  Lectures and classes provide a time and place where like-minds can come together to learn, to laugh and to love in a supportive environment.  Not only do forums expose holistic/metaphysical practitioners, teachers and experts in diverse fields to the right audience, they provide attendees an opportunity to build relationships with them.  Friendships are forged and a holistic community is built around the events at Journeys.

If you have never presented anywhere before, the forums are a great way to be introduced to a community of interested people.  Since this is a new program we cannot estimate how many people will attend each event but we assure you we will advertise our Friday Night Forum schedule every way we can. We expect the Forum community to grow over time, as word of mouth travels fast!

People who present the forums are not paid for their presentations. The minimal cost of $5.00 for the forums goes to Journeys of Life for expenses (coffee, cookies, staff).  The goodwill that is created by the forums can have long lasting effects for the presenter.   Payment can come in the form of future clients and students for the presenter.  Forums are a win-win-win for everyone involved.

If you are interested in presenting a Friday Night Forum, send an email to Kate Horne ([email protected]) to introduce yourself and the program you would like to offer.  You can also download the FORUM APPLICATION FORM and mail, email or bring it to Journeys. We have a Forum Committee who will review proposals and make recommendations for presenters. We want the programs to be as diverse as the people who come to Journeys. We intend to publish a three month series at a time so customers can plan theirs schedules accordingly. We are asking people to call ahead to reserve a seat so we have some idea of the attendance. Because of the nature of these events we will not have a minimum number of registrations for the ‘show to go on’.

Thank you for considering us as a place to share your knowledge and network your talents!