Previous Friday Night Forums

Journeys of Life Friday Night Forums began in January of 2015.  Here are the presentations that have already occurred and the talented professionals who shared their expertise.

2015 Forum Series

Forecasts for 2015
What the Stars and Cards hold for us in the New Year


Judi Vitale, Astrologer
Angel Lozada, Tarologist and Spiritual Counselor


Wellness Made Simple
The 7 Steps to Wellness for 2015 & Beyond


Laura Crooks, RN Wellness Coach & Author

John of God Healing Crystal Light Therapy
From the Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil


Michael, Linda & Derrick Quinn, Hollsopple, PA

Using Pendulums for Everyday Love & Life
For Beginners & Beyond

guide-pendulum-dowsing-M1   Robin new

Robin Freeman, Intuitive Counselor

Relationships are all about choices and hearing our inner most voices.  Pendulums respond to that innermost voice.  You know the answers so let the pendulum show you.  Robin Freeman, one of Journeys Intuitive Counselors, will show you how to use pendulums in everyday love and life.   The art of using a pendulum is something that anyone can learn and master. Robin offers an introduction to using a pendulum for beginners, from how it works, and what you need, to how to get started. She will also work with seasoned dowsers.  Bring your own pendulum, borrow one of ours or purchase a special piece at Journeys.

Signs of Love 
Love, good fortune and another new year!

Judi 300

Judi Vitale, Astrologer

Feng Shui in the Bedroom
Simple ways to enhance your love life and health!


LuAnn Cibik, Inner Harmony Feng Shui

What’s Rocks Got To Do With It?
Using Crystal to Attract, Sustain and Protect You in Relationships


Marilyn Ferraro, Intuitive Counselor and Healer

Angel Chatter
What Your Angels Have to Say and How to Hear Them


Chris Alexandria, Author, Artist, Transformational Coach

Aura Readings
Discover how colors and energy create the art of your soul.


Marcy Pearsall, PhD Psychotherapist, Aura Energy Readings

Celebrate the Season Shift
Discover the power of the Vernal Equinox


Diana Paar, Practicing Druid and Professional Intuitive

Diana is  practicing druid with Ar nDraiocht Fein where she has served as a Liturgist, Priestess and Seeress for over 20 years.  Diana is also a professional intuitive, teacher of tarot, astrology and earth spirituality and offers private appointments at Journeys of Life.