Peppermint Pig


The perfect gift for a family or the hostess who has everything.

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The Peppermint Pig is absolutely one of the favorite holiday gifts we sell. Perfect to take to a family celebration or simply start your own tradition at a holiday meal.

The Peppermint Pig™ is an 1880s Saratoga tradition! These sweet swine, a local hard-candy confection about the size of a pig’s foot, has become an unusual holiday tradition around the world — its popularity rooted in peppermint and a nickel-plated hammer. As the candy pig is passed around the dinner table, each person uses the hammer to break a piece off, and then shares a bit of good fortune from the year just passed, with hopes of good luck and prosperity for the new year ahead.

The combination pack includes Noel (the medium sized pig), nickel plated hammer, red velvet pouch, “Legend” storycard and instructions on how to break your Peppermint PigTM. It is of course, gift boxed. The combination pack is truly the ideal gift for others; or the perfect way to open your family’s heart to this wonderful tradition of fun and sharing. For those who have already begun the tradition, replacement Peppermint Pigs are available. Each pig measures 3.5 x 3.4 x 2 inches and is 8 ounces of the most delicious peppermint hard candy you have ever tasted! Handcrafted in Saratoga Springs, NY.


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