Angel Lozada
Ángel is a scholar, psychic and priest of the Goddess Oyá. Born in Puerto Rico into family of mediums, Ángel has been initiated in several African American religious traditions, and is a Palero (since 1998) and a Santero (since 2000), and has studied with several Palería, Ifá and Santería priests in New York City. He is a published author and performed his graduate studies at New York University.


What to Expect in a Session with Angel

Angel offers  sessions using traditional Tarot Cards as well as intuitive and spiritual counseling.  His sessions are anything but traditional other than he uses cards to lay a foundation for your reading.  By drawing on his vast background in many spiritual traditions, Angel offers you a time to delve into the area of your life that need attention, clarification and balance.

Services Offered
Traditional Intuitive Tarot: 30 min-$50;  60 min- $90
Yearly Preparation Reading: 60 min-$100
Santeria Shell Readings: 60 min-$90
Home/Business Cleansing and Blessing: from $100
Personal Spiritual Cleansing: in two parts – Initial consultation and cleansing session. Average fee $240


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