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Runes & Tarot

Amoret, a Sibyl, priestess and witch, is an initiate of both Reclaiming and Anderson Feri witchcraft traditions and has been working  with divinatory tools for 17 years. Considered an adept reader of both runes and tarot cards, Amoret believes it is her calling and privilege to help others see the magical patterns in their lives and to learn to flow with the universe. Amoret is available for Rune readings at Journeys. Tarot will be used in conjunction with the Runes to add an another layer of understanding to your session allowing for the highest levels of enlightenment. 24 runes combine to create infinite stories about the nature of human existence. 24 runes combine to tell your personal tale.

What to expect from a rune reading with Amoret:

Rune readings can help you see more clearly into the piece of the story you are currently living, and are opportunities to look more deeply at the factors impacting your life at this current juncture. We will use ancient Norse archetypes to unlock the mysteries of your öorlog (the Norse concept of primal law) and the web of wyrd (a Norse concept similar to fate), identifying themes and clarifying life choices.

You will be asked to pick runes and scatter them on the reading cloth – from there, we will work together to delve into the patterns and symbols presented and discuss the options that stand before you. You may also use Tarot cards to further clarify your Rune session or if you prefer, you may have your reading done entirely with Cards instead.