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Courtney Padrutt

Courtney Padrutt

I Ching

Courtney is a magical initiate of Ordo Templi Orientis, a novice priestess and a deacon of the Gnostic Catholic Church. She has been working with the I Ching for over 15 years and it is her favorite method of divination. When she first learned about I Ching in 2001, Courtney grew to love the elemental symbolism and the mysterious nature of the text. Since then Courtney has done extensive research on Chinese philosophy to gain further insight into the transformative powers of the I Ching. Each of its 64 hexagrams holds the potential for growth, understanding, and finding one’s higher purpose.

What to Expect in a Reading with Courtney:

Courtney will begin by discussing what you might hope to learn from your session that day. She will then lead you in a short meditation using the symbolism of a Lotus Flower, which creates a necessary channel of energy between the Subconscious and Conscious mind. You will then be asked to throw the Chinese coins which will form your Hexagrams. Together you will then unlock the message the Hexagrams bring by searching deep within and bringing the answer into the light.