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Diana Paar

Diana Paar

Intuitive Tarot

Native to Southwestern Pennsylvania, Diana fell in love with nature and spiritual mysteries at a young age. She developed a deep love for divination and spiritual analyses since taking her first tarot class in 1989.   For over 20 years, she has used the Tarot as a tool for personal development, often integrating Astrology into her studies.

Diana was raised Roman Catholic and discovered NeoPaganism in college after exploring many different religions.  Her spiritual practice continues with honoring the Ancestors, Nature Spirits and Shining Ones – primarily focused on the power of our land and our blessed rivers.

Since 2009 Diana has been providing lectures & presentations at wellness events and library programs, seeing private clients and teaching classes at various locations around Pittsburgh.  She recently brought her practice and art to Journeys.

What to Expect in a reading with Diana

Diana provides a deeply spiritual and safe experience for a client seeking answers to a problem or clarity about their path ahead.  Firmly grounded in the practical earth while she plumbs the waters of consciousness for guidance from all the realms, Diana may call upon her knowledge of astrology, numerology and/or shamanism during a Tarot session.  With more than 25 years of experience in the intuitive arts, she brings a compassionate respect to her readings and does her best to provide useful information to all who come to her.

Diana loves what she does and know that she is always fully engaged for the benefit of her client(s) to the best of her ability. Although her personal path has taken her to mostly earth-based religions, she is deeply influenced by aspects of Buddhism, Hinduism and non-affiliated Spirituality in her practice.

Customer Testimonial:

Thank you for the insight, guidance, and affirmation today. It made a big difference and was very helpful, like a warm ray of sun amidst the cold gray space. I truly appreciate your smile, authenticity, investment in my life and well being, the extra time you spent with me, and most of all…you being a blessing to many others like me by being yourself. Much gratitude,  Ana R 2/16/15