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Judi Vitale

Judi Vitale

Astrologer & Spiritual Alignment Counselor

Work with Judi to find your purpose so you can tune in to your true calling in this life!

After many years of training in New York City and around the country, Judi’s proficiency in transpersonal coaching, hypnosis, tarot, and astrology combine to serve your needs for spiritual discovery, personal development and transformation.

A graduate of Carnegie Mellon and one-time horoscope writer for top national and global magazines and websites, Judi has written two books on relationship and parenting, and has recently published Live in Spirit, Love Your Life which describes her unique method of working with clients to find joy, purpose, and passion.

Judi also offers traditional Astrology Charts based on your exact time of birth.  Her Life Path Readings use the information she gathers from the day you were born. But it is her Spiritual Alignment sessions that are her passion.

What to expect in a session with Judi

You will learn about your talents, abilities and challenges and how to take advantage of the opportunities you have for career success, fulfillment through relationships and personal evolution. Judi will work with you to help you find what makes you feel happy and fulfilled.  She may use astrology (the art and science of how the planets shape and affect us), coaching, guided meditation, tarot, and her intuition in order to get you where you want to be. You deserve joy, contentment and alignment between your actions and your desires.  Judi is excited to work with you.

Judi has attained the highest level of certification from the National Council for Geocosmic Research Professional Astrologers’ Alliance, and is currently hard at work on a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology from the Wellness Institute of Issaquah, WA. She teaches and speaks throughout the Pittsburgh area and all over the country, with the goal of introducing you to how aligning yourself with your highest spiritual awareness can lead to greater happiness.

Appointments for 30 and 60 minutes sessions ($50 & $90 respectively) can be made by calling 412-681-8755 or EMAIL US.  Full printed Astrology Charts require a longer appointment time and include an additional fee.