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Karen Kubicko

Karen Kubicko

Clairvoyant Medium

Karen is a Clairvoyant Medium who started out studying Past Life Regression techniques in an effort to learn more about how past lives affect our health and healing in this lifetime. She began with a guided CD by Dr. Brian Weiss, author of Many Lives, Many Masters, and a pioneer in this emerging field. Karen started receiving small flashes of insight about her Past Lives which piqued her interest to continue and develop this skill further. She has since remembered dozens of her own lifetimes and has authored a fascinating book about this process,  Life is Just Another Class.

She feels that by remembering and addressing issues from our former incarnations, we can then become aware of why we have carried the pain into this lifetime and then proceed to let it go with love and light. Her sessions are cathartic and enlightening in a totally unique way.

What to Expect from a Reading with Karen

At the beginning of your session please let Karen know if there is an area of what she does that you would like to concentrate most on. As she sits across from you she sees your team on the Other Side which consists of Loved Ones who have crossed over, Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, and occasionally an Ascended Master. She communicates with them to make sure any information they need you to hear in this reading comes through. You can ask questions as well although be aware that not all answers are able to be known or told, some must be experienced. Karen will also get information about 1 or more of your Past Lives, typically the one that comes through is the one most relative to something you are dealing with again in this incarnation. Karen does allow recording of her sessions but you must bring and maintain your own device.

Call 412-681-8755 or EMAIL US to schedule a session with Karen.  30 minute – $50    60 Minutes – $90