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Kate Horne

Kate Horne

Intuitive Tarot

Kate got her very first Tarot deck while still in high school and loved to stare at the pictures. After taking a beginner’s class over 7 years ago here at Journeys, Kate has really fallen in love with the wisdom of the Tarot. She feels the Cards are a gift each and every time they are laid out, allowing us to see our world from a fresh perspective. She feels all who come to the Tarot with a sense of respect and a willingness to be open will leave with a greater sense of understanding.

Kate honors the magic of the natural world and sees enchantment everywhere. She feels signs from the universe can come in many different ways and that being mindful and engaged in your existence will serve you well. Kate has studied with the other intuitive professionals here at Journeys as well as with Rachel Pollack, a Tarot Grand Master.

What to expect in a reading with Kate:

Kate will open each session with a brief blessing asking that only the highest good and most divine wisdom come through for this reading. She will ask if there is a particular question or concern that you bring with you that day. Kate may use additional tarot decks or even oracle cards to gain further clarity when a part of the message is a bit obscure.

The next step is to think together on ways to apply the knowledge gained from the reading to your life. Tarot is a powerful tool that can bring discernment and enlightenment to you. Often though it does ask that we own up to our part in things and take right action going forward. Like the 7 of Pentacles, we invest in our own growth and the rewards we will reap will have made the Journey so worthwhile.