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Kerry Swick

Kerry Swick

Animal Communicator

Kerry has had strong intuitive abilities all her life but once she really started to develop them she began receiving messages regularly. She tunes in to the Animal Kingdom and gets signs from wild animals as well as domesticated ones. Kerry can connect both to your pets alive now as well as those who have passed. She has completed Lynn McKenzie’s Animal Energy Work Certification Program and often incorporates healing for our furry friends in her sessions. Kerry is adept at other energy work too including Reiki and she is a trained Reflexologist.

What to Expect in a Reading with Kerry:

Kerry opens her readings with a quiet moment in which she establishes spiritual connection. She then asks you which animals you want to communicate with. Remember, this can be pets alive now or those who have crossed over and oftentimes both come through. In order to verify which animal is making contact Kerry will describe the pet, but it does help if you have a picture on your phone or in print. For pets alive now, Kerry does check in to be sure the animal is healthy and to be able to let you know if your pet needs anything. Some energy healing for the animal may occur as well if needed.

Call 412-681-8755 or EMAIL USto arrange for an appointment with Kerry

Disclaimer: Kerry loves animals and loves being able to help with energy work, however if your pet is ill please be sure to get them to a vet!