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Ronda Ferguson

Ronda Ferguson

Intuitive Tarot

Ronda’s spiritual journey began in her early childhood when she discovered her grandmother’s crystal ball in a closet. This stuck with Ronda and led her to pursue the intuitive arts throughout her life. She has studied with luminaries in the field including Rachel Pollack, Mary Greer, James Van Praagh, and John Holland. Over the years Ronda has honed her practice and is a professional intuitive reader with a gift for interpreting the Tarot. As a Capricorn, Ronda believes in the importance of readings being practical and spiritual as well as providing a safe, supportive space for her clients. She will often incorporate aspects of Life Coaching into her readings. This encourages clients to be more interactive in their tarot experience and can be extremely empowering while offering a unique perspective on the issue at hand.

What to Expect in a Reading with Ronda:

Ronda opens her readings with a silent prayer asking for the Highest Spiritual Good to come through and guide the reading. She asks clients if they have a specific issue they would like to address in their reading that day or if they would rather just be open and see what the cards have to say. She allows the sitter to shuffle to allow the energy into the cards and suggests you spend a quiet moment concentrating if there is something you would like to know more about. Ronda then does a traditional Celtic Cross layout and uses her years of experience, her intuitive abilities and sometimes even Mediumship to offer her client’s a truly enlightening reading.

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