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Sara Sachs

Sara Sachs

Psychic Medium

Sara Sachs is an international Psychic Medium based in Pittsburgh. She brings her abilities in Evidential Mediumship to Journeys to connect the sitters with their loved ones who have passed into Spirit. Sara received her primary training in the Spiritualist community, Lily Dale, NY, with such teachers like Janet Nohavec, renowned American Evidential Medium. Her training continues at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Studies in the UK and the Zwanenhof Spiritual Center in the Netherlands. She has been taught by some of the best Mediums in the world while continuing her own journey of personal and spiritual growth.

Sara’s work in private sessions, public demonstrations, and teaching metaphysical workshops in Pittsburgh has also taken her to venues from small towns to larger cities, such as New York. She also speaks in, and delivers messages from Spirit in various Spiritualist Churches in the US. Sara is a regular message presenter at outdoor services in the summer as a visiting Medium at Lily Dale.  She’s also been a guest on radio and TV in the US and Canada.

Sara also teaches classes in Lily Dale, NY and Pittsburgh, PA. In 2019 she will reach a more international audience by teaching classes and doing public Mediumship overseas as well.

What to Expect In a Reading with Sara

In your sittings, Sara will show evidence of survival of your loved ones in Spirit through her clairvoyance, clairaudience, and  clairsentience (seeing, hearing, and feeling the essence of Spirit respectively). Those in Spirit also present themselves, through Sara, by personality traits, memories, how they passed, and so on. Clients have said that much of what is revealed about their Loved Ones are things that very few people knew about them. Sara will tell you the reason why they visited with messages to guide you in your life. She can also give you a spiritual consultation of where you are on your life path occasionally referencing Tarot. These messages are delivered with compassion and integrity. 

Whether Sara has given readings or public demonstrations, those who have experienced her compassion, and often, humor, come away with healing and new insights about themselves and their loved ones, either here or in Spirit!

Call 412-681-8755 or EMAIL US to make an appointment. 30 Minutes – $80    60 Minutes – $130

Sara’s availability depends on her schedule of events and travel. That tends to be less in the summer and early autumn months due to a heavier travel schedule.