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Stephanie Charles

Stephanie Charles

Akashic Records

Stephanie Charles is an intuitive empath and is a certified Akashic Records Consultant. Through her own work in the Akashic Records she has evolved and today also teaches others how to access the Akashic Records. Through her ability to access your Records, insights are provided into your past, present and future so that you may bring yourself into alignment with your future goals and objectives.

The Akashic Records are a universal library consisting of your own personal records that help you with guidance, knowledge, information and healing for your personal learning and growth. Direction, tactics, recognition of blocks and patterns and wisdom are just a few of the elements gained in an Akashic Records Reading which allow you to advance and remove any blocks within your path.

To best prepare yourself for a session with your Akashic Records think about what you would like to know on guidance, information, decision-making, knowledge or healing. Write your questions down and bring them to the session. This process of writing down your questions energetically activates the caretakers of your information within your own Akashic Records. Your caretakers or Record Keepers will be communicating with Stephanie before you ever meet. In essence there is a triangle of communication that takes place between all of you before you ever meet which in turn means your session will have a greater dynamic. And no worries it really is the process that matters, you may write down only 3 questions or as many as 20 questions.

What to Expect in a Session with Stephanie

Expect to be in a calm, loving, non-judgmental safe space and what is shared is kept confidential. Stephanie views each individual as an incarnation of God or the Source of unconditional love and believes that love is the source for all healings and transformations.

Several years ago Stephanie stepped onto the path of Shaivism and by integrating this in to her own life, this has allowed her to deepen her work within the Akashic Records and truly embrace all of life just as it is.

Call 412-681-8755 or EMAIL US to schedule an appointment with Stephanie.  30 minute Session  – $50    60 minute Session – $90