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Victoria Zaitz

Victoria Zaitz

Psychic Intuitive

Victoria is an intuitive with several psychic gifts – clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance. She has been able to hear, feel, and envision Spirit since childhood. Victoria connects with you through your personal energy field, which is held in personal items such as jewelry, keys, or photographs (“psychometry.”) Victoria is also empathic and able to connect to the feelings of others, which adds compassion to her reading style.

A student of transpersonal psychology, counseling and life coaching also come to play frequently in her readings, which often help clients to release emotions, recognize life patterns, and understand the unconscious feelings and motivations that drive the self. Victoria specializes in providing direction and higher guidance to find your life path, higher purpose, and personal gifts.

Victoria has made a lifelong study of metaphysics and has a broad range of knowledge in the field. She has two other particular areas of interest. One is counseling people who are experiencing paranormal phenomena in their home or business. This is usually an unsettling experience and it is difficult to know where to turn within a culture that largely dismisses these experiences.

She is also dedicated to Spiritual Counseling. Because she has been involved with many different spiritual paths, she is aware of how difficult finding the right path or set of practices can be. As consciousness begins to shift, many people are searching for a way to be more spiritual or find alternative paths beyond what they were taught but have no idea where to begin. Victoria can help you with finding more meaning in your life and reaching your highest potential.

What to expect from a reading with Victoria

Please bring a personal item such as a piece of jewelry, keys, or photograph. It is also helpful if you have a set of questions or an idea of what you would like to explore in mind. Victoria will also provide information and suggestions from Spirit.  You will feel the energy of compassion and a sense of non-judgmental acceptance in your reading. Many clients release old, repressed, or negative emotions in her sessions, as it is a place of healing. Clients often leave with a better understanding of themselves as well their relationships, and they are frequently inspired to pursue their higher purpose with a renewed sense of divine guidance, knowing that they are not alone in their quest.

Victoria has a background in Creative Writing and Women’s Studies and has been a lifelong activist for women. This background allows her to be especially helpful to women in all stages of their lives, particularly in cases of abuse and trauma.

Appointments with Victoria can be made by calling 412-681-8755 or EMAIL US    30 minutes – $65    60 minutes – $100