Rooville – A Novel

A Book Review by Kate Horne

513w4RZPZlL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_I managed to read this book between traveling, working and relaxing somewhere in this whirlwind of a summer. The story is an enjoyable read about our regular, 30-something guy Owen who is working as a weatherman in California. Where the weather is always perfect, always sunny and 75. Owen is bored to tears. He comes from a Midwestern farming family where the weather plays a crucial role in daily life. He misses everything about the town he grew up in from the high school basketball games to the special sandwich only available at the local diner. So Owen decides to go home again, back to his family farm assuming it stayed exactly as he left it.

Since Owen has been gone Martinville, Iowa has become the center of the Transcendental Meditation movement. Meditators have bought the empty building that once housed the local university, a yoga studio replaces the local gym, and worst of all…the diner has become a vegan café!

The town is divided between those who have called it home forever, the “Regulars” and the new fangled meditators, the “Roos”, short for Gurus that is. Owen is stuck in the middle as his farming family has been around so long the town is named after them yet he is coaching the TM high school basketball team and is falling for a yoga instructing Roo named Trishna.

Will Owen be able to bring the town together, keep his family farm and get the girl?

Find out now! Come by and pick up a copy of Rooville by Julie Long at the store after its release September 16th. Get ready to welcome Julie to Pittsburgh October 7th with an author reception and discussion.