We found two sizes of Ruby Lemurians in Franklin.  A Ruby Lemurian Record Keeper is identified by a raised (or several raised) perfect triangle (s) located on one or more the crystal faces.  Look closely.  I missed them the first time I saw these wonderful specimens.  A record keeper is a crystal within which wisdom is stored.  When you properly attune to this crystal, the ancient knowledge and profound secrets of the universe can be psychically retrieved.

These crystals have been consciously and purposely programmed by the beings who created the energies, such as the Atlanteans and Lemurians and by their direct descendants, .  It is believed that those who lived during the time of ancient Lemuria were highly spiritual beings, and it is believed that they left messages within the stones, programming them before they were placed in the ground.

These crystals can assist in facilitating connection with another person, with past lives or spirit guides.    After using these stones many people experience emotional healing, from the deeply loving vibration of these crystals.   Lightworkers have received a lot of information, while using Lemurian crystals.  And rubies have been used to eliminated psychic attack and to assist Earth-bound spirits to leave an area.  When you are using these stones, you make a connection with them feeling like you are being transported back to an ancient time.  More and more of these crystals are being brought to light … and the need for the average person to use them is also becoming evident.

See our wonderful collection of Ruby Lemurians at the Crystal trunk Show and in our crystal cases after the show..